2016: Happy Holidays!

I would like to wish all of my fans and fellow artists a happy, safe and merry Christmas season and an amazing New Year. 2016 has been a great, but let’s make 2017 even better.

I hope to create some great artworks and comics next year and with your loyal support, both in spirit and in your generous monetary donations, I will try to produce some amazing new content that I know you all will enjoy.

For fans new and old who would like to support my works, why not head on over to Patreon and become one of my many patrons? You can give as much as you’d like and there is no contract, you can support for as many months as you’d like and you can quit whenever for whatever reason, no penalties. All supporters gain early access to all of my released digital works, as well as other additional perks.

Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/zetaharu

Whatever support I get from my fans means a lot to me and it helps me in two ways:

  • It allows me to turn this passion of mine into a career, which allows me to focus more of my time into creating content which all of you appreciate. If it were not for your support, it would take longer to produce content for you guys. With your support, the time I would have to spend working another job can be spent working on content for you guys.
  • Your support helps put food on the table for me, literally. Whatever donations I get helps me live my life, but it also gives me the freedom to not have to worry about the big and small things. If I can pay my rent, bills and purchase my essentials, then I don’t have to worry and can have a more focused mind when creating my artworks.

Again, everyone have an awesome holiday season and thank you all for being a part of my life!

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